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Our consulting services will allow you to get suitable advisory aimed at maximizing the use of technological tools provided by SQL Server to optimize the business processes.

The activies carried out within this kind of service, could be performed both in presencial and remote way. In any case, the resulting process documentation will be delivered along with a set of "quick-wins" implementation oriented to certify the feasibility of the proposed plan. This plan reflects the performed business analysis, as well as the set of recommendations delivered to improve the operation and its results.

Typical activities included within this type of service are:

  1. Platform recommendations.
  2. Scalability Planning.
  3. Vulnerability analysis.
  4. Performance optimization.
  5. Poor-performance processes analysis.
  6. Processes documentation.
  7. Design of Security plans.
  8. Poor-peformance Custom-developed applications analysis.
  9. Data migration planning and implementation.
  10. SQL Server components integration, such as Integration Services, Reporting Services, etcera.
  11. Technical training, oriented to Development and Infrastructure staff.

Unlike traditional consultancy services, our proposal is not limited to identify what needs to done, instead, it also considers carrying out needed tasks to support you on finding the optimal path to follow, in a theorical and practical approach.