Infrastructure services

Ver Servicios de Infraestructura

Our infrastructure services allow your company to achieve an optimum design for your platform, defining its right dimension while optimizing hardware, licensing and manteinance costs. Our involvement spans to planning and verifying the correct platform operation in your different environments, such as Development, Staging, QA and Production.

Activities offered within this kind of service could be performed in both presential and remote way. In any case, every activity could be supervised by the technical staff you define.

Main activities included within this type of service are:

  1. Hardware sizing required for data and workload to be hosted.
  2. Licensing advisory.
  3. Platform installation and configuration.
  4. Planning security strategy.
  5. Designing storage strategy.
  6. Backup and Restore procedures definition.
  7. High Availability and Fault tolerance implementation.
  8. Information replication schemes configuration.
  9. Proactive manteinance routines automation.
  10. Data migration planning.

Our quality assurance process guarantees certification for the performed activities by working with the technical resources you define, in order to ensure that your expectations are fulfilled. The quality of our services is considered as a key aspect.