Our Services

Our services offering is oriented to companies of varied size that require specializaed services for carrying out projects that demand suitability on the Microsoft SQL Server platorms in both current and legacy versions and editions.

Having highly skilled consultants and technicians belonging to our team, allow us to help you on all aspects related to Microsoft SQL Server platform, such as Installation, Configuration, Troubleshooting, Development and Training. The value added by our services is built on our experience and strengthenes from the commitment and the effort as a warranty of success.


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We dimension, install and configure your SQL Server platform for it to adapt to your needs and possibilites, considering key aspects such as Redundancy, High availability, Failover recovery, Security, among others.

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Certified and specialized consultants will planify and perform detailed analysis for implementing SQL Server in an optimal way in order to help you on reaching your business objectives.

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We support you on sorting out performance problems, as well as proactively optimize your platform in order to avoid performance-related issues that could affect your business processes.

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