Our Team

Trusted Advisors was born in 2011, with a business philosophy oriented to position as a responsible and skilled company, to support our clients on taking advantage of the Microsoft SQL Server platform. Providing that every company needs to focus on their business processes development, Trusted Advisors acts a comprehensive provider aimed at watching over every single aspect related to their SQL Server infrastructure.

Even though our team has an important experience, every single client has even more experience on the specific aspects or ther business, so, it is critical to identify the needs and requests for each case. Once the senior consultant has been assigned, meetings will be held to discuss your requirements and direct the different stages of the process, which involves from presenting the project proposal through the final report delivery, advisory, and status follow-up.

In addition, in Trusted Advisors, all cases are thoroughly analyzed by our technology specialists, and so, our advices and recommendations get enriched with the different points of view from different professional perspectives.

All members of our team are certified by Microsoft as SQL Server Technology Specialists for infrastructure, Development and Business Intelligence areas.